we belong ...

The past month has been a real test to both of us. At first I though that it was a sick, cruel joke when you temporarily dropped out of my world. I felt lost and alone.
My friends were there and B was there for me but I still felt a void within me. I tried to talk myself out of it but it was a failure. This lasted several days.
One day I woke up and realized that maybe, I wasn't the one waiting for you ... maybe you were the one waiting for me to change and be okay so you can go back. This was when I started picking up myself and fixing myself.
It took a lot of effort and patience from my friends since they were the ones cheering me on but I managed to do it. Slowly, I was able to learn more about me ... forgive me ... and love me. I learned to be a better person.
And now ... you are back ... where you belong ... because, we belong.

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