wasted and wanting

I have been playing nanny to my son for the past 4 days. I am literally at wits end. He has been clingy at best and a brat at worst. I have tried widening my patience and lengthening it but really ... I get tired too.

Yeah yeah I know some of you are thinking, well, you're a Mom. Yes I am a MOM but I am also human. I am not a robot who can be perky all she wants to be and not tire of it. I had him checked up yesterday and he was pretty fine save for a few coughs and a slight fever.

At the hospital, he was like a monkey who was just wrapped around me. Some of you may think it sweet but try having a 3 feet, 41lbs monkey wrapped around you for an hour and you just may sing a different tune.

I am just so tired from lack of sleep, worrying, and tending to B for almost 4 days straight. Please Lord, heal my son. Not even for me but just for him. PLEASE.

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  1. I feel for you. Our baby hated his stay at the hospital. For 3-4 days, they had 7 wires attached to him and they kept trying to draw blood from him for various tests. I hope your son gets better soon.