Monday, January 1, 2024

Bye 2023, Hello 2024

They say that with every ending comes a better beginning. This could not have been more true in my case for 2023. Relationships that I thought were forever and strong snapped, friendships that I thought were real proved lukewarm at best, and a near tragedy that happened mid-year sent me reeling but thankfully, we all survived. A little bit worn but still standing.

Unlike other bloggers or creators, I don't have a year summary. There are too many things that I want to remember to make it fit in a 15-second video or even a one-minute one. There are things that I would love to forget but know that I shouldn't.

There was a painful incident that really broke me but thankfully, my husband was there for me the whole time and he made sure that though there was a crack, I did not completely break. He held me and reminded me what truly mattered. 

My Mom got sick but with God's grace and everyone who rallied and prayed for her, she is on the road to recovery. She's not fully healed yet but she's getting better every day. 

I lost some friends and distanced myself from others. I realized that just because you were good for each other before does not guarantee that you will be good for each other now. Sometimes, friends are only there for a reason or a season. 

I lost my job, got "fired" from one, and then was absorbed by the most amazing employer that I have ever had. To say that it was a rollercoaster ride would be an understatement. 

I lost brands that I thought were my partners and cared for me but made me realize that when it comes to "brand partnerships" there is no such thing as authenticity. All you really have are your numbers, your value, and what you can offer. When they feel you are no longer useful, then off with your head. 

However, there was more good than bad. 

For the first time since the pandemic, I celebrated the holidays with my Mom and little sister. I definitely consider this a blessing. They were simple meals we shared. Nothing lavish but the love, the respect, and the care were there. 

I was able to get my dream family photo done. These photos are now framed in our living room and bedroom. I love that even my husband was excited about this and he had the photos blown up, framed, and put on display in our home. 

2023 wasn't bad. I would actually say that it was one of the most freeing years for me. 

I found myself when I learned to cut ties with people who I thought mattered and loved me. I learned to find my own voice, have my own thoughts, and push for myself instead of adhering to what others think I should be. 

I freed myself from friendships that were no longer serving me a purpose but kept the other party being served. 

I freed myself from the desire to seek other's approval. I've never been one to care about the opinion of others but for those people that I love, I tend to bend over backward, not realizing that I keep depriving myself of things that I deserve, want, or need. 

I freed myself from being that blogger who has to be in every event, who fears missing out, and who worries if my numbers are on par with others. I reminded myself why I started my blog. It definitely wasn't for the brands, the numbers, the PRs, or the followers. 

I freed myself from the hurt that I was used to and learned to embrace the love that was being given to me. My husband and I had a talk during our last date for the year and we both agreed that 2023 was the year that we finally got our flow. We almost didn't fight and we both got each other's jam so to speak. 

I prepared this 13 fruits and prosperity bowl not because I rely on it for our luck. These are what you call manifesting and attracting the good vibes. I know that it won't work by itself but this, coupled with the usual determination, perseverance, and good health, then opportunities will come knocking and I will be prepared to receive it. 

I don't know what 2024 has in store but I do know that I am ready to explore it with arms wide open and ready to receive all the amazing opportunities it will send my way.


In the second hour of 2024, our dog got attacked by a wayward Belgian Malinois. Thank God our senior dog still had a few bites in him and he was able to defend himself.  I'm pretty upset about what happened but thankful that our Wacky is alive and kicking. 

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