Monday, December 11, 2023


Next-gen Kapamilya actress Mutya Orquia topbills Knowledge Channel’s new edutainment series “Health TB: Aksyong Kalusugan” to tackle tuberculosis and debunk misconceptions about the disease starting December 5 (Tuesday) from 4:00 PM to 4:20 PM.

The new show, which airs on Tuesday and with replays on Thursday, and Saturday, revolves around a community gripped by a mysterious rumor about TB, leading to widespread panic among its residents. 

With the help of Choleng, a charismatic "marites,” Dadong, a dedicated volunteer health worker, and Tere, a smart and outspoken teenager portrayed by Mutya, they will join forces to dispel misconceptions and provide accurate information about the cause of TB in their barangay. 

According to Ronald Vergel De Dios, executive director of the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc., “One of our missions is to raise awareness about common misconceptions about Tuberculosis. We are delighted to launch this partnership as we now have a video lesson co-developed with Knowledge Channel to engage a wider audience through multimedia, making it easier to understand the causes, effects, and ways to achieve a TB-free environment.”

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity in disseminating health knowledge, Knowledge Channel has integrated sign language interpretation into all episodes of the show.

“The Philippines faces a daunting challenge with tuberculosis – it is a battle that touches the lives of nearly one million Filipinos living with active TB disease. “HEALTH TB: Aksyong Kalusugan” is a mission far beyond a mere television program. It's a call, a vessel of hope and education that blends the power of storytelling with the urgency of health education,” said KCFI vice president and director for operations, Edric Calma. 

Join Choleng, Dadong and Tere in their quest to learn about the implications and prevention of TB  in "HEALTH TB: Aksyong Kalusugan'' on Knowledge Channel— available on cable, direct-to-home satellite and DTT, and online through iWantTFC.  The project is in partnership with the Philippine Tuberculosis Society Inc., with special thanks to Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma Foundation.

For updates and information on KCFI’s videos and training programs, visit and/or follow its social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.   

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