Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Here’s Why You Should Give Your Kids More High Fives

Did you know that giving your kids high fives more often can be a powerful tool for their learning and emotional development?

Giving high fives to your child offers numerous benefits as they grow up, including increased emotional and intellectual support. A 2014 study entitled High Fives Motivate: The Effects of Gestural and Ambiguous Verbal Praise on Motivation by Morris and Zentall shows that using gestures when giving praise resulted in increased persistence and positive feelings among children.

High fives fosters positive social interaction between you and your child, as high-fives signify appreciation. This generates emotions such as joy and self-confidence.

According to American life and parenting coach Mel Peirce2, high fives increase motivation, signaling encouragement and appreciation for their efforts, which in turn motivates children to persist in their tasks despite making mistakes, ultimately leading to greater levels of success.

In fact, celebrating both big and small wins have a lot of benefits to a child as it boosts their confidence even more. Giving them high fives for their accomplishments–from as small as brushing their teeth to big wins such as finishing a painting, and even when kids ask for help in solving a math problem instead of throwing the pen on the floor–increases motivation to enjoy and have fun whenever they do schoolwork or their own hobbies and passions. 

Actress Kristine Hermosa, now a mother of five, underscores the significance of providing children with not only praise for their accomplishments but also motivation and a positive experience for every task they undertake.

"I think it's more important for children to feel the support and motivation from their parents, not just to receive recognition or appreciation for a job well done. In fact, they are more likely to excel if they know they are motivated and encouraged by their parents and loved ones."

Alongside the motivational support that kids receive from their parents, it is also important for them to be nurtured with proper nutrition that will further boost their growth and development.

Boosting intellectual and emotional development with Enfagrow A+ Four

It is such a big win for parents when their kids reach the toddler stage and begin schooling. In fact, their child is in a crucial stage as 90% of a person's brain develops before age 6.

This underscores the importance of proper nutrition for a strong foundation in a child's brain development. Children need the right nutrition to support their developmental milestones, particularly their IQ and EQ.

For Kristine, it's essential to provide emotional support to her children while also giving them a nutritional boost to aid their growth and development

"I carefully select what they eat, drink, and consume. I want to ensure that these choices have long-term health benefits and will genuinely contribute to their intellectual and emotional growth."

One way to provide kids with the essential boost for their brain development is by offering them a milk formula containing a nutrient called MFGM, or milk fat globule membrane which helps support the development of a child’s IQ & EQ.

Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro and Enfagrow Gentlease 3+ are the only milk formulas with MFGM among staged milks. Clinical studies have proven that MFGM can lead to higher IQ and EQ development that lasts until school age, together with proper nutrition and stimulation, compared to formulas without MFGM. For children with sensitive tummies, there is Enfagrow Gentlease 3+, containing PHP (partially hydrolyzed proteins), a nutrient that aids digestion and gut health, in conjunction with proper nutrition and stimulation.

With Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro and Enfagrow Gentlease 3+, parents can confidently provide their children with the necessary nutrition to support their need for a healthy balance of IQ and EQ, aiding their success in comprehension as well as dealing with social and emotional situations as they become more ready in school. 

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