Thursday, August 17, 2023

Review of Villar Children's Farm in BFRV, Las Pinas

We live close to Villar Farm which is located inside BFRV, Las Pinas which is why we decided to visit this place last Mother's Day and then yesterday. Thankfully, things have improved since our first visit. 

When we first went, there was a fee for everything. Parking, feeding the cows, feeding the horses, playing in the playground, zipline, and just about anything. Nothing was free. 

This felt like a bummer because it felt like it was just about the money. This is also why even though it's really near my place, we didn't go back for months. 

Yesterday, we decided to give it another shot because our little one has been obsessing over horses, birds, and cows. Thankfully, Villar Children's Farm had all these animals and this time, feeding them was free. You can simply make a donation. 

They also have a bird cage, a rabbit cage, and a stall for goats now. Khali enjoyed feeding the cows so much, he tried going over the railing. Good thing it was set high so it was safe. 

The birds were all very active and Khali enjoyed interacting with them though I'm sure some of the birds may be deaf now because he kept yelling "BIRDS! BIRDS!" 

Khali also enjoyed feeding the goats and calling the rabbits. Just seeing the smile on his face made going here worth it. 

They also have a playground (Php100 for an hour) where children can play. It has a slide, seesaw, swing, trampoline, and an open space for kids to run around. 

After playing, we had pizza which was pretty cheap because we got it for their afternoon promo. Cheese and pepperoni were only Php99 each as long as you ordered before 5pm. We ordered at 4:53pm. Whew. 

The pesto pasta on the other hand was a little too expensive but thankfully, Khali ate all of it. 

B ordered a strawberry drink which was also a little high on the price point but he enjoyed it so it's all good. 

And here is my husband and I. 

Will we be back? For Php100 per hour on the playground and the free feeding of the animals, let's make this a regular thing so that Khali has outdoor playtime and is exposed to a few animals aside from cats and dogs. 

I'm glad that the Villar Children's Farm is now more friendly regarding price points and that they are keeping the animals healthy and clean. 

PS. They also have a pet playground where your pets can run free for an hour. It's also Php100 and located right across the Villar Children's Farm. 

PPS. Make sure to get your parking ticket validated at the restaurant after making a purchase or you will have to pay Php30. 

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