Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Wetpark Adventure Lagoon in McKinley Hills, Taguig


I'm one of those people who would rather stay in than go out. Though I enjoy going out of town and going abroad, sometimes, I just can't be bothered with traveling for hours on end. However, I do need to make sure that my kids get to enjoy new things and so last weekend, we went to Wetpark Adventure Lagoon.  

The kids were very excited to play and go through the slides, Khali more than B of course since B is already a teenager haha. I am grateful that he was very patient with his baby brother. 

What I like about Wetpark is the variety of things that kids can explore. It's not just all slides. They have small wall climbing fit for toddlers to grade school kids. 

They also have these water mazes that kids can go through for fun. 

My toddler loved Wetpark Adventure Lagoon. 

They also have activities for teenagers such as this adventure trail steps and ziplines. 

There are steps to sit on inside for when kids feel tired or need to catch their breath. 

Overall, I would say that this is an ideal spot for anyone who wants to have family bonding time but doesn't have the means to go out of town. It's located at the 3rd floor of the Venice Piazza Mall which is accessible by public transportation. 

You only need to wear proper swimming attire and bring your own towel. You can rent the aqua shoes and hair cap. You can even coordinate with McDonald's and have them cater your get together or birthday party. 

This will ensure that you have a hassle free event. They'll bring the food and even set this up. Easy peasy. 

Here are the rates for the Wetpark Adventure Lagoon. You can book online or walk-in though it's better to book online so you can avail a small discount. 

Build core memories with your family in the heart of the Metro. No need to go far, WetPark Adventure Lagoon is here to helo you create happy moments for you and your fam. 

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