Thursday, March 16, 2023

Review of Ipponyari Japanese Restaurant at West Parade Alabang

Here in the South, there are not a lot of really good Japanese places to eat so when I heard from a friend that she loved Ipponyari, my curiosity was piqued. Thankfully, my little brother was also curious and so we ended up eating there. 

They have indoor seating as well as outdoor one. A testament to how good their food is the fact that it was already at full capacity by 7pm. 

We were able to seat inside and this was such an experience. Granted, getting in and out was a little troubling but it's mainly because I'm big. However, I really loved the whole vibe of the place. 

My brother ordered a lot especially the tempura because we read that Ipponyari Japanese restaurant had the best one in the city.

First to be served was this crispy but tender tonkatsu. I wished they had served this with a big bowl of rice because it would have been perfect but then again, I would have been filled just with this. 

It was so good! 

I don't know how they cooked this tempura but it was definitely a melt in your mouth kind of tempura. Literally, it melts in your mouth. It was so, so good. I'm so glad my brother ordered 3 orders of these. 

The Spicy Salmon Maki had just enough kick in it that it can be eaten by someone like myself who has low tolerance for spice. It was an explosion of flavor inside your mouth and the salmon maki was so filling. 

If you are a fan of kani mango salad, this is a must have. This is probably the biggest kani mango salad that I have ever seen. They definitely went all out. 

Initially, I thought that two orders of this rice wouldn't be enough. However, looks can be really deceiving because these two orders was good enough for all of us. It was very compact but it did the job. If I were to be honest though, I would have ordered one more and ate it all by myself. 

This gyoza was tasty even without the sauce. Seriously. The veggies and the way this was cooked, it was soft but crunchy and for some reason, it felt fresh. Weird for something that was deep fried. 

This was probably the only downer for me. Maybe I got used to Salmon HQ's fresh salmon but I felt like this could have been more fresh. 

I forgot what this was called but this was definitely another highlight of the night. These chicken skin, chicken balls, and chicken butt that were skewered and grilled to perfection will definitely be loved by any Pinoy who happens upon this dish. You need to order a lot of rice with this. Trust me. 

Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience. I can't wait to bring my husband here on date night. I'm pretty sure he will love this place just like I did. Afterward, we can have coffee at Solita's Bakehouse.


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