Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Perks of Having a Water Birth

Max Collins, Coleen Garcia, Jennica Garcia, and Kylie Padilla. Aside from their gorgeous looks as beautiful mothers in the Philippine entertainment industry, these women have one thing in common: they all underwent water birth.

So, what is water birth? Water birth is a method of delivering a baby while the mother is in a birth tub or pool filled with warm water. A midwife and a doula are often present to assist with the delivery. 

Because of the pandemic, some mothers have opted to deliver their baby via water birth with the approval of their doctors to be safer against the virus. Others have chosen this method for a more relaxed birthing experience. For some who live in residences far from hospitals, such as a tropical house and Siargao lot for sale, giving birth in their home via water birth is more practical and convenient. However, some hospitals also offer water birth, so if you think that it's safer to give birth in a hospital, you may do so, but talk it out with your doctor to know if the hospital has special arrangements for that.

Before deciding if water birth is right for you, it is best to consult with your doctor, as this is generally recommended only for pregnant women with low-risk and single pregnancies. Water birth is also not recommended if you’re below 17 and over 35. 

Take note that there could be rare risks that could happen while water birthing; again, these are rare occurrences:

You and your child could get an infection from the water

Your baby’s temperature could be too high or too low

Your baby could breathe in some of the water

The umbilical cord could snap before your child comes out of the water

The Advantages of Water Birth

Now that you are aware of some of the cons and risks of water birth, here are the perks of choosing this birthing option if your doctor gives you the green light to undergo this birthing process:

You Can Give Birth at Home

If you live in a house and lot located in a busy city where there’s traffic, water birth in your home is more convenient because you don’t need to pack your hospital essentials and drive to the hospital. Instead, the midwife or your doctor will be the one to come to your place. Moreover, since you are in your home, you feel more relaxed, and your family and friends, no matter how many they may be, so long as they conveniently fit in your home, can be there to support you.

You Feel More in Control

Compared to giving birth in bed, floating in water during water birth allows you to relax and move better, so you are more in control of your movements when in labor.

Less Need for Pain Relief

Most mothers who undergo water birth find it less painful to deliver their baby this way. This is because the water’s buoyancy helps the uterine contractions be more efficient. It also helps improve the blood circulation to the mother’s uterine muscles. Additionally, the water helps the perineum be more relaxed and elastic, reducing the risk of severe tears. 

These are just a few benefits of water birth. Again, seek professional advice before considering undergoing this birthing procedure so that you and your baby are both safe and healthy. 

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