Thursday, May 5, 2022

Looking Through Rose-Colored Glasses with Pinks and Leys’ Owner, Leah Durante

Sometimes, the smallest things have the biggest impact on our lives. This was the case with Leah Durante, founder of Pinks and Leys, an up-and-coming flower shop that is sure to have a flower bouquet for every occasion in your life.  

Leah saw her father give her mother a rose bouquet on Valentine’s Day and the smile she saw on her mother’s face left a big impression on her. She wanted to bring that smile to every person’s face and since she also has a penchant for flower arrangements, she decided that one day, she will open her own flower shop which she did with her sister. 

Leah believes that when you give flower bouquets, you are not just giving flowers. You are giving a life booster. You are sharing a part of yourself with the other person and you have the purest of intentions which is to bring a smile to someone’s face. 

A flower is something that normally brings a smile to someone’s face. It’s nature’s natural happy pill and it symbolizes love. In this day and age where there is so much negativity and hate going around, Leah firmly believes that the need to give flowers matters even more because flowers bring unexplainable joy and kilig to the receiver. 

However, as with any business, there are challenges when it comes to flower shops. The biggest criticism it normally receives is that flowers die too easily and so this is something that Leah is looking into. She wants to learn how to extend the lifespan of a flower to extend the joy it gives as well to the people who receive a bouquet from Pinks and Leys.

The other challenge for Leah is to recommend the right bouquet to a person. You see, different flowers have different general meanings but it can also happen that a rose may mean something different for someone else compared to the general population. It’s a delicate process but luckily, Leah has the graceful touch needed to make magic happen.  

To anyone who wants to become a florist like Leah, her advice is to aim to always give hope and joy, continue to share a piece of nature in every bouquet, and create love with every single creation. Remember that as a florist, you are a child of God, sharing God’s creation with everyone around you. 

Be unique. Be creative. Be like Leah.  

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