Sunday, June 6, 2021

10% Off on Del Monte products at Shopee's 6.6-7.7 Mid-Year Sale.

As a Mom, I want to make sure that my family is eating delicious but nutritious meals. These days, it's very important that the food they eat will help to boost their immune system and keep them healthy at all times. However, I also need to make sure that they are enjoying the food I prepare so I always make sure that we have Del Monte at home. 

I grew up with Del Monte products available at all times in my pantry. When I am craving juice, we'd have Del Monte Pineapple Juice in a can and it would automatically feel like summer. These days, there are more variants available which my family enjoys.  

During the weekend, we would have the Del Monte Sarap Savers Party Pack - Filipino Style because it's one of the most cost-efficient yet delicious spaghetti sauces available. My son loves pasta and can down a big bowl all by himself as long as it's the Filipino-style spaghetti sauce. 

My husband would also request for barbecue so I make sure to marinate the meat overnight with Del Monte Quick n Easy BBQ Marinade because I don't have a lot of time to make my own marinade. Thankfully, Del Monte has this easy barbecue marinade to the rescue. 

On the other hand, my baby enjoys snacking on the Del Monte Potato Crisp Biscuit. I love that it's baked, not fried and that it's not too expensive as well. As a Mom, I do have a budget so it's great that this one fits easily. 

My personal favorite is the Del Monte Tropical Punch Juice Drink and the Tipco 100% Lychee Fruit Juice. It's so sweet and gives me the vibes of having a house party without having to go out. I even sometimes add that small umbrella on the top of my glass to complete the vibe. 

The one thing that I am most excited about is trying the Del Monte Fiesta Langka Fruit Cocktail because this is new. I've always had the Fruit Cocktail but LANGKA fruit cocktail? Accckkk! 

The best part about all of this is that I can easily replenish my stocks through their official store on Shopee. Make sure you download the Shopee App so you too can take advantage of these special deals! 

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