on forgiving ...

The other day I wrote about THE FIGHT.

Yes, let's call it that because it is the biggest fight we have had to date and I hope that it is the biggest fight we'll have for a very long time. After all, it is the worst and it really was hurtful.

The main thing that I worried about should we fix thing was how I'd get over what happened. I couldn't imagine us being okay again and for me to be comfortable around him again. I thought that just like before, I wouldn't be able to get pass it and have to relive things again and again.

Well I did ... but only for a day. A day after we started talking, I was still upset about it but what I like about M is that he answered all my questions and in the end, he finally said what I needed to hear. He assured me that he woud never ever  do what he did and I believe him.

It seems that when things are right, it's a lot easier to forgive and forget. Of course I'm not an idiot and so I also told him that should he do it again, he can kiss everything goodbye.