Saturday, March 31, 2018

Finally, a graduate

9 years ago, I was at the lowest point of my life emotionally, mentally, and financially. I had to home school my son for 2 years coz I didn't have enough funds to send him to school. It was that bad for me and my finances. 

The first 5 years in school, I constantly struggled making payments. Thankfully, the school was very understanding and gave me leeway. Sometimes, I could only pay Php500 a month and sometimes, I had to stretch the entire school year just to be able to make a full payment. It was only the last 3 years that I was able to make full payments and it was truly exhilarating.

Finally, I cannot believe that I am able to say that with hard work, sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears, my son has finally graduated from elementary. We survived!

I am so thankful that my son is such a great student. He self studies, asks for help when he needs it, and basically likes school. I hope this continues way into high school and college years. I really am very proud of him. 

Huge thanks goes to my family who was there to guide my son while I was out being a Dad so I couldn't be a Mom 100%.  They have been such awesome support and I know that my son wouldn't have been able to achieve things without them. 

Thankfully, my brothers flew in from Singapore just in time to join us for the celebratory dinner. We had dinner at Phoenix inside Bellevue Hotel because we were already checked in for my sister's 18th birthday which was happening the next day. 

Phoenix serves a really good mix of Chinese food at reasonable rates. Their abalone which in some places can cost 3k was less than 2k and it was authentic. 

I am and will always be grateful to these people for having my back and being there for my son at all times. I know that we wouldn't be at this stage if it weren't for them. Truly, they are the wind beneath my wings and my son's wings. 


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