Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines ...

This is a day of expectations, heartaches, stress, and for the very few, a day of love.

Expectations for the women who hope to get something ... a rose, bouquet, a card, a video, dinner, or a romantic gift. Try as they may, the expectation is just there and when it is not met ... it leads to something.

Heartaches ... because you hoped for something that did not happen and that hurts. Is it you? Is it him? Are you not worth the effort? Have you been forgotten? I thought I was special? So many questions yet no answer given.

Stress ... this is what other people feel because they need to meet expectations and yet they can't. It's hard having one day where you just need to be able to meet something and though you try, you fail. It's stressful because even when you love, simply because you failed on this one day, she feels that you are lacking.

However, for the very few ... Valentine's is just another day meant to celebrate what they feel. These are the couples who are comfortable with what they have and know that regardless of what they receive or not receive, their love is secure and this is what matters to them the most.

Valentine's is supposed to be a day of celebrating love but it has become a day of expectations and heartaches. There are more people who are bitter about it and it makes you ask, "how can there be so much hate in a world that loves happy endings?"

To this I have to say:

To those who are newly in a relationship, enjoy but make sure you are not just in for the good times but more so for the bad times. To those who have been in a relationship for quite some time, rekindle the fire and remember why you fell in love with each other.
To those about to get married, don't let the whole brouhaha kill the love. To those newly married, you're in for a lot of surprise. Enjoy it WITH each other. To those married for a long time, remember, being husband and wife comes first before being parents.
To those who are in a rocky marriage, watch your wedding video and be reminded why you wanted and believed you wanted to be together for the rest of your life. To those who no longer want to be in a relationship but still are, ask yourself, which would really make you happy and follow your heart. Be fair to yourself and to your partner.
To the single ones, learn to be happy on your own. Learn to love and date yourself ... to be fab on your own. Be your own knight or princess ... God is not yet done writing your love story. Today is about love ... love for self, family, or someone else.

Valentines should not be measured in the number of chocolates eaten, roses handed, or the price of the dishes in a restaurant. Valentines should just be another day to remind us of how lucky we are to have someone because at some point, everyone has someone. It may not be romantic love but it is love. It may not be the love that you would like to have but it is something to have. So smile, say cheers, and let the love flow. Who knows? It may just lead to the right person, the one that is meant for you and if it doesn't, who cares? Love. Just love.

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