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miss the kilig ...

I've been watching a couple of Kdrama and some romantic comedy lately. I have to say that as much as I get all the feels, giddiness, and kilig of what I am watching, I also feel sad because I miss it.

I miss getting to know someone and having someone to talk to at randome times until it becomes a constant. I miss going out and dating one guy. I miss holding hands with a guy. I miss the surprises and the letters. I miss taking photos. I miss the moments.

It's been almost 4 years that I have been single and sometimes, just sometimes, I miss having someone I can call mine.


  1. Hey hun, I that feeling too. Just keep being your best and if you TRULY are ready, maybe it's time to pray for that husband to come. Trust me, it works! I prayed for mine :D


  2. It's good to have someone by your side thru the good and the bad times. Being single doesn't make you less as a person. Maybe Mr. Right is on his way. Be patient, you're still blessed with loving family and friends.

  3. There are a lot of perks of being single. You don't really need a partner to be happy. You will be when you feel satisfied with what you have now. No need to rush in having someone you can call mine. The time will come. :)

  4. Take you're time, it will definitely come and for sure it's the best. You can really look back and say, worth the wait, hahaha it's true promise

  5. What kdramas had you been watching? I watch Kdrama too. What I watched recently was Weightlifting Fairy, Goblin, and, of course, The Legend of the Blue Sea. Anyway, I can't relate with you now, but I feel I'll miss also having someone in my life if my Yogo leaves me. -Me-An

  6. Hi Kathy, I cannot understand when you say that you have been single for 4 years. Has there been a break-up of sorts? I appreciate your frankness in accepting your vulnerability But I guess internet is not the right place to find your heart throb. I think making oneself busy will take one's mind away from such thoughts of sadness.

  7. KDrama is really taking us by a storm. It's all over my feed and my friends'convos. I can't relate because I'm not into series. But it's great once in a while to get kilig. There was one time when I downloaded all the classic chick flicks in time for Valentine's Day!


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