Friday, August 5, 2016

Oli Natural Beauty Soap

Going natural is all the rage nowadays and one of the things that people look into the most is skin care. Is this good for my skin? Will this make me look younger? Going natural helps women and even men go natural and be new everyday. Newest product in the market named Oli Natura Beauty Soap seems to have dibs on all of these.

“Oli Natural soaps are what we call ‘real’ soaps.  We can confidently say this because our soaps are not just for keeping the skin clean.  We produce soaps in a traditional way called cold processing so that the active properties of its natural ingredients remain intact and benefit those who will use the product. Unlike other brands that leave your skin dry and stripped of its natural oils, Oli Natural moisturizes and conditions your skin to bring out a new you,” said Chief Executive Officer, Sesmundo of Activo Global, Inc., the company behind Oli Natural soaps. More importantly, cold processed soaps bring more value to your money because they are carefully formulated and hand-made  by batches while hot processed soaps are mass produced and made in a very economical manner, compromising its value and quality. To date, Oli Natural soap has five variants: Gluta Papaya for excellent moisturizing; Green Barley, anti-aging, and helps in  achieving an odor-free day; Activated Charcoal for deep cleansing and detox; Intense White for extra strength whitening; and soon to be available, Komenuka for natural booster of healthy skin.

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 The Gluta Papaya has primarily coconut oil, glutathione, papaine enzymes, and carrot extract.  This variant improves the texture, whitens, moisturizes and protects the skin from pollution. Green Barley, rich in anti-oxidant, is mainly made up of coconut oil, shea butter, kojic acid, vitamin C, and green barley extract.  The Green Barley soap nourishes and repairs the skin as well as while cures skin problems such as itchiness, blemishes and acne.

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Bamboo wood charcoal is the main ingredient of Activated Charcoal variant added with lactic acid, Vitamin C, and a combination of extracts. It cleanses, exfoliates, and removes the harmful substances for a clearer and healthier skin. The Intense White soap has rice bran oil, arbutin, cucumber extract, salicylic acid, among others. This variant lightens, removes dead skin cells, and prevents the appearance of freckles and age spots, and hyper-pigmentation.

Oli Natural is primarily made up of  coconut oil, known for its high moisture content and rich lather.  “We are confident in saying that each of our soap is made from  coconut oil. As its base ingredient, the cold processed coconut oil is best suited to deliver the beneficial properties of natural ingredients that are combined and formulated for the overall improvement of one’s skin.
The Endorsers
Kristine Sablan is a model and budding actress from Star Magic, the talent management arm of ABS-CBN. Her first regular TV appearance was in the top rating teleserye, “Pangako Sa ‘Yo.”  Raven Molina is a basketball enthusiast turned model who dreams of becoming an actor someday.  So far, he has appeared in several TV commercials, print ads, and runway shows.


 “We chose Kristine and Raven because of their youthful image. They belong to the fresh crop of talents.  Just like Oli Natural, they are new in the business but have a lot of potential of making it big.  I believe they are best suited to be the personalities that will introduce Oli Natural to the Filipino consumers,” said Sesmundo. “Filipinos have grown to be smart buyers. They still want affordability, but now they look for quality, value for their money, as well.  And that is what we guarantee with Oli Natural: a whitening beauty soap that brings out the new you every day,” added Sesmundo.

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