Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Murder in BFRV, Las Pinas

I have always taken comfort that our village is a secure place. I have walked around in this village carrying a laptop (literally carrying it, not inside a bag) and I felt secure doing that. Sometimes, I would walk from the guard house to my home which would take around 30 - 45 minutes late at night and I thought I was safe.

Today, this false sense of security was ultimately shattered. A murder took place inside the village and it was done in a well lighted area with people around. It was done in front of All Day which is a convenience store beside Elizabeth Seton School.

No, I am not sharing a photo of the crime scene out of respect for the family of the murder victim. From what I know, he was shot in the head or face and he lived inside our village. The car he drives was a familiar one to a lot of the people here.

I wish the BFRV Officers and Security would do something about this. We really need to tighten up the security measures inside this village of ours. In the last few weeks, news of car windows being broken and items stolen have been reported, homes have been invaded, and now, a murder.

When will you act? When will it be too much? Does it really need to go beyond this? A life has been lost. Let us not add more to it. We need to help each other out and stop thinking only of ourselves. Please, before it becomes too late.


  1. Kathy, I passed by the scene later that night not knowing what happend. I saw the police and many bystanders looking around. I am not a resident of BFRV, I just learned from relatives that there was a shooting incident. I was looking for more details when I came across your article. I share the same sentiment since I am a frequent visitor of BFRV. I drive and walk around the village too knowing that I will always be safe. I really hope that something will be done to improve the village security and justice be served for the victim.

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    1. I hope so too. Earlier today my son wanted to go out and buy from the nearby sari sari store and I didn't want him too. Paranoia is within me now. I feel that it is no longer safe. :(

  3. I am very concern about the widespread " Riding in Tandem " in BFRV Talon Dos that remain unsolve to this day.

  4. Please! Let me express the true nature of these problems occurring and resurfacing in BF Resort Village communities and households.The fact of the matter, very obvious , but we just keep on shutting ourselves up because of fear. Its not going to help. We already know who is responsible.

  5. Thank you for openning up the subject.


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