Tuesday, September 14, 2010

this is, the only way

Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe in that. Good things, bad things, heartbreaks, getting pregnant, death, falling in love ... nothing is ever random. What may seem random to you will have a lasting effect on someone else. What may have been just a passing glance to you could mean the world to someone. Nothing is ever random. There is no such thing as coincidence.

That being said, I don't believe that we should leave everything to fate. I think that even when everything that is happening happens for a reason, we should also make a conscious effort to get things done. A great example of this would be my love for arts and crafts. Yes, I love it. Yes, I think that I have the needed skill for it. Yes, I think I can do very well if I decide to pursue it.

Still, I need to learn a lot of things about it. Inate ability and inborn talent will not get me anywhere if I do not hone my skills or talents. We all have areas for improvement and the person who believes that he no longer needs to learn or be educated can bury himself for he is dying a slow death. After all, practice makes perfect. And when you have perfected something, then it is time that you learn something new.

Life is about learning. It is about learning new things constantly, endlessly. Life is about doing what you love, learning more about what you love, perfecting it, and constantly improving it. It is about asking yourself, what else can I improve? What else can I work on? What else can I do to make this more amazing?

We should never be content when it comes to improving our passion, our talent, our skills. We should never be happy with okay when it can still be great. This is the only way you can truly excel. This is the only way to be. This is the only way.

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  1. HI Kathy, this is lin, max's sis. love your post :) keep it up :)


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