Friday, January 1, 2010

bad things are not what they are

Today, we woke up to the news that Nanny A just left the house. No, she did not go off but left to have an unapproved day off with her sister. Seems like it was nothing right?


It's a pretty big deal especially since she took all the house keys with her. We were stuck inside the house for more than 5 hours because we did not have the key and did not want to wake up our Mom with the bad news.

Its pretty amazing how much gall helpers have. She just took off and left without even trying to ask for permission. Like she was the owner of the house and she was not answerable to anyone. We have already alerted security but its pretty scary because they have all our house keys and it being January 1, we couldn't find anyone to change the locks of all our doors.

It's so hard to find a decent and respectable household help. You treat them well and yet, they still turn on you like rabid dogs. I'm pissed but I want to shift my way of thinking. It's a blessing in disguise. God has a reason why this happened. Everything has a reason.

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