Tuesday, September 15, 2009

B got banged on the cheek

B got pretty banged on the cheek earlier. He was playing with this other kid when things happened and the other kids forehead banged his cheekbones. Poor B cried so much. Here he is with an icepack to his cheeks. Notice that he did not smile at all in this picture and it was actually half an hour later before he was okay. I felt like crying seeing him like this but I had to remember its child's play and I cannot show him that I felt bad for him so I told him I'd take a picture so we can just laugh about it. Deep inside though I was hurting for my B.

poor B
the culprit


  1. Poor kid. I hope he feels better now.

  2. sabi nung isa..

    di po ako ang may sala :D

  3. BLOG walking here! Your Baby is so cute kahit injured ha ha ha! At least napigil mo self mo na mag pakita ng violent reaction may ibang mommy's na pag may nakasakit sa anak nanunugod sa ibang bata kahit di dapat ha ha ha!


    1. I had to stop myself from doing bodily harm to the other kid.


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