Monday, September 28, 2009

and that's not global warming?

In a span of 6 hours, my country experienced rainfall that was worth a month's rain. No one was prepared for this since the storm signal given to us was just signal number 1. Even I was hoping to go out last Saturday to chill and relax at Starbucks. Thankfully, my excitement to watch season premieres got the better of me and I stayed home. Thank God for that.

I am amazed that there are still people who do not believe in global warming. This is extreme climate change already. The devastation we suffered is not even anywhere near laughable and we Pinoy's can laugh at anything. I hope people realize the intensity of this. This is our wake up call. We use to feel good when we hear the rain pouring outside and we imagine hot cups of coffee or chocolate. Now, we cringe and worry that it might be another typhoon Ondoy.

Think about it. Think about that. Think about this.
this is a tunnel ... now the tunnel is gone and its just flood water

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  1. It rains a lot over here in the Pacific NW, but not that much. I hope everyone is OK.


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