Sunday, May 3, 2009

munimuni # 39

This week was a wee bit tiring at work. A lot of work related stress and a really horrible start to the week. Thank God that issue was fixed and another chance was given to something good. It took the possibility of losing something good to realize what needed to be changed so I'm happy that at least, it was given another chance and not just thrown out the window.

The weekend was not relaxing since there was a party to go to; 3 hours away. It was a great party but pretty tiring due to the long travel time. We also had to walk uphill for about 20 minutes since we did not have a car and the place was way way inside the village.

Here are some pictures from the party. The only consolation was that B and K had fun, lots of it. I was also able to finally see Len again and her two beautiful daughters and meet her hubs. We also got to have dinner at Trinoma with our Mom afterwards so it was pretty worth it. =)

K with her facepaint of roses
fish and chips at Fish and Company ... YUMMY!
family having dinner
B showing off Dumbo in his arms
with Len, the mom of the celebrators ...
the bday celebrator in her super gorgeous gown
B posing in front of the princesses
in their little Tiffany tables and chairs (K, B, and Nanny A)
Mommy K and B showing off their glasses
B modelling

It was a pretty good week. Busy and without much rest but good since there was another chance and it was spent with people I love all week long.


  1. That looks like a cool birthday party. Glad the kids had a wonderful time. Cute face paint. I like the photo of you and B.

  2. Fashionable little guy. Must take after his mom. ^_^

  3. The kiddo looks really cute in those big sunglasses.


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