Monday, June 4, 2007

a barong and some Burger King

The tornado was asked to be a ring bearer for the 25th anniversarry of hubby's tita. They had a barong made for him and he looked darn good. He wasn't such a good ring bearer though because he wouldn't carry them and kept putting them on his head. Well, he is only just almost 2 years. Hehe.The day before, we went to Burger King and ate. Here he is with an onion ring. Mind you, he ate almost 3 pieces of it. Sure looks like he enjoyed it too.

What was the last food you enjoyed?

May said...
Oh he looks so dashing in his barong! Of course he'll play with the ring pillows, hehehe... that's what 2 year olds were meant to do. :D
Blogger Toni said...
Tornado's already adorable. He's even more adorable in the barong! Awwww!
Blogger Heart of Rachel said...
Wow, Tornado looks so handsome in his barong. A memorable first.
Blogger Mommy Len said...
He looks really good with his barong! oo nga naman, what else would you expect with a 2 year old boy? haha!
Blogger Daddy Forever said...
Your son does look cute. And he sounds just like my son. He would the ring on his too. He also likes Burger King because the kids meal had Spiderman toys.
Blogger zhasha said...
your tornado is so-soo cute! he'll be a certified hunk for sure!!!

you must be a super proud mommy when he walked down the aisle and did the ring bearer job just as if he had done that before! clap! clap!

our baby's firsts are really exciting!!!

congratulations tornado!


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