Friday, April 7, 2006

Twin's Senior Ball

Last night, APril 6, marked the Senior's Ball of my brothers, Karl and Kirk. Kirk won Best Dressed Male! Yipee!!!! Fashionista!

Here are some pictures ...

This is the four of us in the balcony of the Manila Peninsula, one of the most expensive hotels in town, if not the most expensive.

This is Karl, posing for the pictorial. Handsome no? =) He's wearing seagreen suit which complimented his dark color. He hates photo ops by the way. This is Kirk, the one who got the best dressed award. He was the only one who wore a light colored suit with a turtleneck shirt instead of the typical polo. My husband helped pick this ensemble. Cool no? And here they are with their childhood friends, Jillan and Mark Louie.

*tears* They're all so grown up now.

For more pictures ... go here.

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