Thursday, April 27, 2006

take time mommy

Take time to hold me on your lap, to joke with me and make me laugh. Take time mommy, this time will go so fast. Take time to give me extra hugs, to teach me a nursery rhyme or song. Take time mommy, I won't be little long. Take time to tuck me into bed, to read that story you know by heart. Take time mommy, soon these days will part. Take time to excalim over what I color, to admire the things I make from clay. Take time mommy, I'm growing up and away. Take time to imagine or make believe, to play some childish or silly game. Take time mommy, soon it won't be the same. Take time to let me help you work, to teach me the many things you know. Take time mommy, enjoy me as I grow.

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