shaking at shakeys and some brotherly love

my brothers ...
my family
showing off the mojos
2 brats errr ... angels

mommy and B
I had fun with my family today. I wasn't expecting to go out but my Mom had a huge scare when the fan on the electric fan went flying yesterday. So today, she asked me and my little sister out to shop for some fans and I bought B along to give the help some rest.
Surprise surprise, I ended up buying a laptop for my Mom. It's a LENOVO S10-2 model and its pretty cool if I may say so. She liked it. I felt good. Hehe.

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  1. i just realized that i haven't been to shakey's for more than 4 years na!!!

    we have the older version yung first release ng lenovo s10. it's quite a handy laptop. :) good for traveling.