great loss

Today, I had 2 big news. One was that a cousin of mine got his girlfriend pregnant while the other was that my babe's uncle has died. Both are news; one is sad while the other is supposed to be a cause for celebration.

One is about life and the other is about death. This, makes me realize once again how fleeting life is. In a snap, things can be taken aways from you; in a snap, life can change just like that. JUST.LIKE.THAT.

My cousin is only 21. He hasn't even graduated. Now, he's about to be a father. My babe's uncle is just ready to enjoy life. He still has kids who needs him. Now, he's gone to be with our maker.

One was supposed to be a cause for celebration. The other, a cause for mourning. Unfortunately, both news has left me mourning; for the loss of a future and the loss of a life.

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