myDSL is so not fast

So we went moving right? Guess what? For one month, I won't have DSL access. For one freaking long month ... I will not have DSL access. Just to transfer one account to another house, it will take one long month.

I miss blogging. I miss visiting. I promise tomorrow, I will have something better than this. To give a quick update though, this is what happened since last week:

- it rained, we learned the new house had several holes in the roof ... luckily it was in one area alone ... not so lucky were some of my books
- I got sick which allowed me to be absent. Yippee. Then I got toothache and I had two teeth extracted earlier today. Booh!
- The new house is way bigger. My room rocks. Pictures to follow soon as mms gets sent. Darn mms.
- I have A LOT of picture frames now ... and one huge CORKBOARD with pics. I rock. Lol.
- Last week at work, some bastard told me I was not priority. I filed a report. Today, I am now one of the most important persons on the floor. Teehee.
- Things are way better with J. Whee ...
- B is so big now. And he can count and draw and circle stuff. He is so smart.

I think that's about it. =)

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  1. I guess I'll never move. A month is too long to go without broadband. I'm spoiled. I use to have dial-up ten years ago, but I won't go back now.