Tuesday, April 30, 2024

First-ever Parenting Platform by Wyeth and Nestlé Launches to Support Today’s Parents

Embarking on the grand adventure of parenting isn’t always smooth sailing, and today, it’s not quite what it used to be. That’s why Wyeth Nutrition® and Nestlé® Nutrition, two trusted and beloved nutrition giants, have ‘teamed up’ and combined their hundred-plus years of expertise in nutrition science to introduce and launch ParenTeam® – a modern digital platform available via its official website and on social media, filled with helpful resources and tools designed with the needs of today’s moms and dads in mind.

Because navigating the turns and twists of raising happy, healthy kids in today’s world can, on many occasions, feel like a daunting task, with new challenges and opportunities, parents will surely need a capable ally who understands their unique needs and experiences – someone who can help and support them.

In pursuing this support, data shows that parents don’t rely on just one information source to get what they need or want to find out. They seek helpful validation from others to confirm what they know or want to achieve. These primarily include trained experts like their doctors or healthcare professionals, as well as other experienced parents from their circle of family and friends. Furthermore, the data also shows that in today’s world, they heavily consult online sources for their much-needed validation and information.

Mindful of the intent of providing meaningful support where parents look for it, ParenTeam® offers what they need in one welcoming, integrated digital platform with well-organized resources and features that are always on, imparting essential information on children’s nutrition and providing support for parents’ overall wellbeing – laid out thoughtfully so parents can easily find what they’re looking for and navigate to what’s relevant for them and their family.

Whether they’re trying to get pregnant, planning to start and grow a family, taking care of a new little one, or navigating the exciting toddler years, ParenTeam®’s offerings have got them covered.

These include expert articles encompassing various parenting stages and topics—for instance, one that talks about when to take a pregnancy test, which is one of the essentials when attempting to conceive. For parents well into their pregnancy, ParenTeam®’s article on understanding cravings or “paglilihi” could prove helpful, especially during the first trimester.

Parents will find that ParenTeam®’s content is relevant and practical. For example, those looking for help and advice regarding healthcare after giving birth will discover that the platform’s feature piece about mommy on recovery comes packed with thoughtful and insightful ideas. It also has sensible articles on what to do if one’s baby always says “no” and how to read a child’s hunger and fullness cues.

For parents with active young ones, ParenTeam® has an intriguing piece about handling a picky toddler. For those with kids starting preschool, ParenTeam® has informative articles on the three growth nutrients parents must know and the difference between probiotics and prebiotics when it comes to tummy health.

Moreover, the ParenTeam® platform also provides helpful tools that aid parents across their parenting milestones.

For parents trying to conceive, ParenTeam®’s online Ovulation Calendar tool can help determine which days are most likely to have the desired result based on menstrual periods.

In another scenario, mothers looking to enjoy their fantastic journey to motherhood can use ParenTeam®’s Pregnancy Weekly Calendar, which enables them to discover what changes they can expect as they anticipate welcoming the new love of their lives.

Those who want to predict their baby’s birthday can likewise use ParenTeam®’s Due Date Calculator to stay up to date on their delivery and plan for their baby-to-be.

ParenTeam® also has a convenient, child-stage-appropriate Recipe Finder to help parents discover new ideas to try with their kids, intending to help their little ones become healthier and happier.

Complementing these finder tools is a Nutrition Checker, developed by experts to help parents calculate their child’s daily nutrient intake, identify any dietary needs, and provide recommendations on adjusting their daily diet if necessary.

Through these, parents and those who play active parent roles within their families will discover that ParenTeam® can be an ally. It will lend a capable helping hand every step of the way as a supportive space that offers expert-backed guidance and assurance – carefully providing them with the knowledge they require and the answers they seek for whichever parenting stage they’re in.

Beyond these possibilities, parents will find that ParenTeam® isn’t just about information and these valuable tools and features—it’s also about making great parenting connections. By registering to participate, they can learn from experts, share their findings, and grow in knowledge with other co-parents. Plus, they can enjoy exciting and exclusive benefits as members of the ParenTeam® family.

Parents looking to embark on a parenting journey filled with support, encouragement, and much care and love are invited to join ParenTeam®. Please visit the official website today at https://www.parenteam.com.ph/  to register and explore what ParenTeam® offers. 

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