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GCash & Heart Evangelista Pave The Way for a New Era of Financial Progress for Every Filipino

Coming from a banner year of achievements led by its pursuit of financial inclusion for all, GCash, the Philippines’ #1 finance app and largest cashless ecosystem, now enters its new era – one of financial progress – together with its newest endorser Heart Evangelista-Escudero.

GCash kicked off the partnership as it introduced its commitment of guiding Filipinos on their financial progress journey. Heart's experiences illustrated how GCash empowers her financial journey, as she shared insights and tips on how to sustain it. 

Neil Trinidad, Chief Marketing Officer of GCash, explains: “This new era is an invitation to a brighter future for all Filipinos. We are giving them the confidence and trust that they can shop whatever their heart desires, save and fund their dreams for the future, and manage their finances independently and without worry – all through GCash. We’re very excited to have Heart Evangelista lead the way and inspire all Filipinos in their financial progress era.” 

Behind the scenes of the GCash Spotlight event last February 7, 2023 – where Heart Evangelista-Escudero shares how GCash empowers her financial journey and gave insights and tips on how to achieve financial progress.

Heart’s New Era with GCash: Our Financial Progress Icon

The launch event unfolded as a live filming for an upcoming GCash Spotlight episode, set to be published on GCash's YouTube account this month. 

The episode’s theme was inspired by Heart's well-loved vlog series where she shares her story on adulting. The GCash Spotlight event,  hosted by Boy Abunda, delved into how GCash has greatly impacted Heart’s everyday work and life. It comprised four segments that explored how she manages to save, spend, and invest better through the app’s various features and products.

New Era, New Beginnings

The first segment was a casual catch up with Heart as she shared how GCash has been her partner in her new era of financial progress. 

From being able to “send love” anytime, anywhere to any GCash user for free with Express Send, to using the hassle-free Scan-to-Pay feature at millions of merchants locally and internationally, to enjoying exclusive access to discounts when using GCash to Pay Online for her purchases, Heart expressed how much it helps her to be able to pay for her purchases with any payment method without hassle.

Heart shares, “My financial journey has really been transformative. Whether it’s managing my everyday expenses or seeking out the best deals, GCash has played a really big role in that. For me, GCash is the best way to pay, because of the ease and convenience it offers for every kind of situation.”

Heart also recently discovered the benefits of using GCash abroad. She uses the new GCash Card to shop in Paris as it offers low forex, and no surprise fees or charges.

Save, Splurge, Invest

The launch event then transitioned into a fun game of “Save, Splurge, or Invest”. Heart shared some of her strategies for saving that allow her to still indulge in personal wants. The event also showcased Heart and her investments, sharing essential aspects of her life, proving that saving and growing her money doesn’t have to equate to placing limitations to her lifestyle. 

In her own words, “GCash fits into your life and makes so many things easy. Pwede mo i-Gcash ang kahit ano – money, bills payment, mag-set up ng savings, insurance kahit investing in stocks – and the more you explore your GCash app, the more you learn to love it.” 

When it comes to wisely managing finances, GCash presents to its users GSave. In this savings marketplace, users can open and access savings accounts, and earn up to 6.5% p.a. interest, powered by Unobank. 

Heart also premiered a new digital platform, GStocks, which is AB Capital Securities, Inc’s online retail securities trading services made accessible through the GCash app; it lets users grow their money by investing in stocks with just 3 simple steps. 

And when it comes to securing her travels, Heart looks to GInsure Travel Insurance,  at an affordable price powered by Standard Insurance and Malayan.

In under 5 minutes and for as low as P350, users can have worry-free travel experiences, and get up to P2.5M coverage on flights, luggage, and emergencies.

Perfect Partners

The program then explored how Heart and husband Senator Chiz Escudero find GCash to be their perfect partner when it comes to managing their finances as a couple, and how crucial financial health is for a modern family like theirs. 

Closing off the show, the audience was given a glimpse as to what’s next for Heart and GCash, starting with the release of a series of new films highlighting the GCash Wealth Management portfolio featuring GSave, GStocks, and GInsure. 

A New Financial Era for Everyone

GCash believes that everyone deserves to step into their new era of financial progress, so that they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work by being able to spend wisely and build up for the future through the different products GCash has to offer.

As emphasized by Trinidad, “GCash is deeply committed to bringing every Filipino closer towards their goal of financial progress. We’re excited to share even more innovative solutions this year to help achieve that.” 

Watch the new films from GCash featuring Heart through these links.

GSave Link 1: https://youtu.be/fwSFZmK38o0

GStocks Link 2: https://youtu.be/pObqxdRt5i4

Download the GCash app today and discover how you can take your steps towards financial progress.  

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