Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Heart of Christmas at Vivere Hotel 

Muntinlupa,Philippines.  Vivere Hotel recently hosted its much-anticipated Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on November 12, 2023. The evening was a memorable affair, featuring music, delectable cuisine, gifts, and a celebration of the true "Heart of Christmas." The event kicked off with a short program and dinner on the second floor at the Brasserie, culminating in the breathtaking Christmas Tree Lighting in the lobby.

The Christmas Tree Lighting in the hotel's lobby was the highlight of the evening. As the switch was flipped, the tree illuminated, casting a warm and festive glow at the center of the hotel. This moment signified the start of the holiday season and filled the air with a sense of anticipation and goodwill. Vivere Hotel Alabang's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony has become a cherished tradition, uniting the local community and hotel guests in the celebration of this magical time of year. It reflects the hotel's commitment to creating memorable moments for its patrons and strengthening the bonds that tie the community together.  

As the holiday season unfolds, Vivere Hotel Alabang warmly invites you to immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas. Join us for an exceptional "12 Days of Christmas" celebration, where a variety of heartwarming activities and delightful surprises awaits, all crafted for the enjoyment of the entire family.  

Christmas Tree Lighting - November 12, 2023: Witness a magical spectacle as Vivere Hotel Alabang illuminates its Christmas tree and Christmas Village on November 12, 2023. This evening not only marks the beginning of the holiday season but also inaugurates the Charity Project initiative, a heartfelt effort to spread joy and give back to the local community.  

Gift Certificate Sale - November 11, 2023: Embrace the spirit of giving on November 11, 2023, through a Gift Certificate Sale. Share the gift of a luxurious staycation with your loved ones while contributing to a brighter future for deserving children. A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Big Leap Project, ensuring that your generosity extends beyond the festivities.  

Heart of Christmas Social Media Contest - November 17, 2023: Express the true HeART of Christmas by participating in our Social Media Contest on Facebook and Instagram, starting November 17, 2023. Share your unique perspective on the festive season for a chance to win a memorable stay and dinner experience at Vivere Hotel Alabang, where your creativity is celebrated.  

Yuletide Surprise - December 02, 2023: Throughout December, including the special day of December 25, checked-in guests will be treated to unexpected delights. AYuletide Surprise initiative aims to spread joy and create memorable moments for those staying with us during the festive season.  

Elves Work Station - December 03, 2023: Ignite the creativity of your little ones at the Elves Work Station! Children can reimagine iconic Filipino structures with a Christmas twist, transforming the Tindahan into a gingerbread-inspired sari-sari store or the jeepney into Santa's sleigh. 

Inroom Cinema - December 08, 2023: Gather your family for a cozy movie night featuring heartwarming Christmas films. Tune in to the dedicated Christmas Channel every evening at 7 PM, creating a cinematic experience that adds warmth and joy to your stay.  

Christmas Sweets and Treats - December 09, 2023: Indulge in delightful treats and sweets available complimentary at the lobby for the hotel’s check-in guests. A sweet welcome awaits as you embark on a memorable stay, savoring the festive flavors of the season.  

Simbang Gabi Favorites - December 16, 2023: Experience the comforting warmth of traditional Simbang Gabi with a spread of rice cakes and thick hot chocolate at The Nest Dining in The Sky. Delight in the flavors of the season as we bring a cherished Filipino tradition to your holiday celebration.  

Santa Meet and Greet - December 16, 2023: Santa is coming to town, and everyone is invited to capture the magic with a photo alongside him at the Christmas tree. Join us in spreading joy by donating a toy, which will be gifted to the children of ROVFI, making this encounter extra special.  

Kiddie Christmas - December 17, 2023: A morning filled with activities, goodies, and delightful surprises awaits the little ones on December 17, 2023. Children will have the chance to learn and participate in decorating gingerbread, creating cherished memories during this festive season.  

Jazz Christmas - December 21, 2023: Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies of live Christmas Jazz as you dine at The Nest Dining in the Sky on December 21, 2023. Let the harmonious tunes create a perfect backdrop for a memorable holiday dining experience.  

Gratitude Room Promo Raffle - December 22, 2023: To express the hotel’s heartfelt appreciation, we will be drawing the winners of the Gratitude Room Promo on December 22, 2023. This raffle serves as a joyous way of thanking those who have made Vivere Hotel Alabang their home for the holidays, turning your stay into a chance to receive special rewards and surprises.  

Holiday Food and Drink Offers at The Nest Dining in the Sky  

Elevate your celebrations with The Nest Dining in the Sky exclusive holiday offerings at The Nest Dining in the Sky. Their culinary team has prepared a feast that will delight your taste buds and warm your heart Indulge in the festivities with our seasonal delights, available until January 31, 2024. From the savory Turkey Plate and Yuletide Roast to be shared with your families and friends to the sweet Vivere Christmas Bread - Babka and Christmas Jam, elevate your celebrations with The Nest Dining in The Sky. Delight in the spirit of the season with their exclusive drinks - Yuletide Serenade Fizz, Gingerbread Cocoa Dream, Spiced Holiday Vodka, Noel Negroni, and Ivory Mulled Dream. Each sip is a blend of flavors, adding a touch of wonder to your holiday festivities.  

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