Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Spice Up Your Favorite Dish with Basics and Organics

Spices and herbs provide food flavor, but you might be surprised when you discover that they are also beneficial for your health, especially the Organic Herbs and Spices.  

Herbs and spices have long been utilized as traditional medicines, even before they rose to fame in the kitchen over the previous century.  

Basics and Organic, a local food business in the Philippines, sells all-natural and organic products that support local farmers. Its twelve Organic Herbs and Spices are Himalayan Sea Salt, Annatto  Seeds, Basil Leaves, Black Pepper Cracked, Black Pepper Ground, Black Pepper Whole, Chili  Flakes, Curry Powder, Oregano Leaves, Rosemary, Taco Seasoning, and Thyme Leaves. — all packing rich flavor with health benefits.  

These Basics and Organic Herbs & Spices include no preservatives, making them considerably healthier for Filipinos to consume. 

According to studies, spices are particularly high in antioxidants, which help protect cells from harm caused by harmful environmental components and free radicals that pass through the body's defenses. 

Here are the Basics and Organic Herbs and Spices and how they work as natural health  supplements: 

Annatto Seeds. This is considered a spice. The most popular usage for annatto is as a natural food coloring for various foods. Annatto is used to treat diabetes, diarrhea, and hepatitis to name a  few. It is also used as an antioxidant. 

Basil Leaves. Includes minerals and chemicals that may aid in the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Basil contains eugenol, which can inhibit calcium channels and help reduce blood pressure. Magnesium, which is also present in basil,  can increase blood flow by helping your muscles and blood vessels to relax. 

Black Pepper. The presence of potassium in Black pepper prevents blood thickening and lessens the side effects of consuming too much salt or excessive sodium intake, which is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. 

Curry Powder. Typically contains turmeric, which also lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. Curry's constituents have been demonstrated to have a beneficial impact on the body's stress response. They may contribute to a decrease in the production of stress hormones like cortisol, which may lower stress and anxiety. 

Chili Flakes. It aids in weight loss and boosts metabolism. Chili peppers assist your body in metabolizing fat, sweating more, and improving energy consumption. It was used to top pizza, stir-fry,  spicy pasta, and a variety of other meals. 

Himalayan Sea Salt. This salt contains a unique blend of minerals, including magnesium, calcium,  and potassium, which aid in circulation and detoxification. As a result, it can aid in the removal of toxins, the reduction of puffiness and bloating, and the keeping of soft, healthy skin.

Rosemary. This aromatic herb which is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine, is high in both flavor and antioxidants. As a medicinal herb, it has long been recommended for strengthening the brain and memory and contains substances that are useful for improving digestion.  

Taco Seasoning. Taco seasoning is most commonly used to flavor taco meat; however, it is versatile and may also be used in other Latin meals and as a dry rub for grilled meats. Sprinkle it over fries for a delicious side dish or use it in taco-themed meals like taco soup. Taco flavor blends can provide iron and calcium through cumin, chili pepper, and oregano. 

Thyme Leaves. The antioxidant content of one teaspoon of thyme is equal to one carrot or half a  cup of chopped tomatoes. Besides flavonoids, which boost their antioxidant capacity and may have anti-inflammatory and age-related effects like preserving cognitive function and enhancing heart health, it also contains other beneficial ingredients. 

Oregano Leaves. It contains one of the highest antioxidant contents of any food. One teaspoon of dried oregano leaves contains the same number of antioxidants as three ounces of almonds and half a cup of chopped asparagus. Rosmarinic acid, found in oregano, prevents the growth of germs and parasites. 

For more information and details, visit the Basics and Organic Facebook page and Instagram Page  @basicsandorganicph.  

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