Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Everything You Need to Know about YouTube Handles

Finally, YouTube handle is here! I can actually use my original handle for YouTube now! 

YouTube will introduce handles to make it easier for community members to find and connect with each other. Your handle will be unique to your channel and will be how people mention you in comments, community posts, and more.

Here’s what you need to know:

YouTube is gradually rolling out the ability to choose a handle for all channels over the coming weeks. You will receive another email and a notification in YouTube Studio when you can choose yours. 

In most cases, if you already have a personalized URL for your channel, we’ve reserved this for you as your handle. If you want a different handle from the one we’ve reserved, you can change it. If you don’t already have a personalized URL today, you’ll also be able to choose a handle for your channel.

Starting on November 14, 2022, if you haven’t yet selected a handle for your channel, YouTube will automatically assign you a handle, which you can change in YouTube Studio if you'd like.

Where will my handle appear?

We’re rolling out handles gradually to all channels over the next few weeks. Once it has been rolled out to all users, your handle will begin appearing in a few places across YouTube, including:

• The Shorts tab

• Search results

• Comments and mentions

In some places, we will start showing your handle alongside your channel name, such as your channel page. In the future, you may see your handle shown in even more places across YouTube.

Why can’t I choose my preferred handle?

A handle may not be available for several reasons. In most cases, it's either because another channel already selected that handle or it did not meet our handle selection guidelines. You can select one of the automatically generated handles provided by YouTube or choose another available handle. 

I'm really hoping that I get to secure my standard handle. Fingers crossed!

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