Friday, January 14, 2022

3 Things that Kept Me Sane during Isolation

When January 2022 rolled in, I was so excited. Finally, all my dreams of learning how to cook were happening because I finally had everything that I needed. The cookware, the books, and all the kitchen utensils. 

January 2 and 3, I was able to make something for the family. I was over the moon. They loved what I made and it was gone in 60 seconds. 

January 4, I started experiencing COVID symptoms and had to isolate myself. I felt so sad and completely isolated. I didn't have my cookware and I didn't have my cookbooks. I only had my laptop with me and that was it. 

Day 1 and 2 of isolation I moped and stared into space. Day 3, I realized that I had to do something and continue being productive even if I was closed off in a room. This was when I discovered this Culinary Games Site.  

You would not believe the number of hours I spent playing games on this site to pass time. I played like a woman possessed. It was entertaining, challenging, and at the same time, it helped me pass time. 

During isolation, I also had time to really think back on my lifestyle and food habits. I was even able to check on ways to lose weight healthily through this site and it was really an eye-opener for me. I realized that getting sick is not something that I want to go through again and so we need a lifestyle change. 

This helped me to redirect my thoughts back to cooking. However, this time, I am more focused on cooking healthy options for my family. Before it was just anything good but now, it's more on something good but healthy. Good thing they also had a recipe ingredient conversion tool which is super helpful to newbie wannabe cooks like me. 

Now that I'm back in civilization and no longer in isolation, I can't wait to test out some of my newfound knowledge in cooking and coming up with healthy dishes for my family to enjoy this 2022. 

What are you excited for this 2022? 


  1. I defenitly Agree In this all Tips and Reminders, Very nice and helpful Mom.

  2. I defenitly Agree In this all Tips and Reminders, Very nice and helpful Mom.

  3. Wow ang ganda din po niton culinary fun site kasi talaga mag enjoy ka din po and malilibang hirap pa naman ng naka quarantine ng wala magawa. Anyway get well soon po momsh.


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