Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Maybelline #DreamVelvetPerfection

Been dreaming of velvet-smooth perfection that stays comfortable on skin all day when you live in a hot and humid country like ours? From the world’s no. 1 makeup brand, Maybelline New York, refresh your makeup routine and never have to worry about oily face again with Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation – Maybelline‘s first-ever hydrating matte foundation for 100% velvet-smooth perfected skin all day. Yup, you heard the two best words any beauty junkie wishes to hear: matte and hydrating!

“There are foundations that leave skin dry, rough, and too tight on skin when it’s matte finish, which can be a total nightmare for girls and finding the perfect foundation can be such a hassle,” shares Sandy Tiu, Senior Product Manager of Maybelline New York. “These struggles are precisely what Maybelline’s newest Dream Velvet Foundation targets. It glides easily on skin and gives a velvety smooth finish as exactly promised by the name, and it has a soft-matte feel that makes you feel like you’re not wearing any foundation.”
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So what’s the secret behind this dream-like makeup innovation even for all skin types? Soft, matte, and hydrating enough for drier skin types, Dream Velvet maintains moisture from the skin yet it’s matte and lightly hydrating as well for oily skin types – curbing shine while still providing only the right amount of moisture that won’t make you look oily or greasy. The unique gel-whipped formula infused in the soft matte hydrating foundation makes Dream Velvet ultra-lightweight and keeps the skin hydrated all throughout the day!

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