Wednesday, June 8, 2016

of love and being jaded

Earlier tonight I found myself in a discussion with two foreigners, one of which was madly in love and about to get married, the other more jaded and realistic. I couldn't help but listen in on their discussions and when the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind came up, one of them said that it was a DARK movie.

I begged to differ.

I told them it was a romantic movie and Madly in Love said that it was just too dark to be one. I didn't even think about my response and I just said, "isn't every love story that end in heartbreak dark?"

What I really wanted to say was ...

Every love story is dark. It becomes dark
when hearts are broken ...
when promises aren't kept ...
when smiles are replaced with tears ...
when sweet words become screaming matches ...
when a tender touch becomes a forceful strike ...
when love no longer is love but indifference ...
when one no longer feels anything ...
Every love story becomes dark.

Realistic guy said I was wise and I told him "VERY!"

I have become wiser ...
with every tear that I have shed
with every sob that I held back
with every pain that was inflicted on me
with every broken promise made
with every sweet word turned sour
with every smile that I can no longer make
with every tender touch that leaves a mark on my skin
with every love that I no longer feel ...
I have become wiser.

Madly in love is getting married and says he feels that he won because of his wife. I told him that I hope he remembers this feeling 5 years from now when she is no longer the perfect girl she is right now and someone younger seduces him. If all men just remember how they felt on the day they got married, perhaps, there would be a few less wiser women and more happy and whole families in the world.

I know that I'd choose to be the latter rather than the former.


  1. It's true that the most exciting part in a relationship is when the two of you is just beginning. Staying as deeply in love as you were before a few years from now is not a just a feeling - it's a decision. A decision every couple should make each day for the rest of their lives.

  2. Every love story can really become a dark one but that's the funny about love. We can fall in love a hundred of times, stumble a lot along the way until we find the love that is full of light. I had my fair share of experiencing a broken heart yet here I am hoping that the love I am enjoying is the one with light. That's the funny thing about love. You have to experience darkness a few times to appreciate the light more. So, never stop searching for that love with light. <3

  3. it would make someone sad whenever they encounter heartbreak guess its because everything that you had dream together vanished and the companionship that used to have is lost. its like a habit that suddenly stop and you dont know what to do afterwards

  4. I believe that the thing they call "forever" will exist if everyone will remember the feeling why they married their partner. But if the "walang forever" will prevail, then I agree with you that we will learn and become wiser.

  5. Every lover story starts with butterflies in the stomach, good morning and good night messages, "hatid-sundo", and all fancy things. But as time goes by, sweetness sometimes becomes a stranger. But some are lucky to have with them someone who would cherish them and stick with them even after the butterflies fade. I'm crossing my fingers that the one I'm committed to will stick with me through the bad days since he had already experience worst moments with me but still patiently loving me despite my attitude. We're happy and planning to tie the knot soon and I hope, I really hope, as your last paragraph said " If all men just remember how they felt on the day they got married, perhaps, there would be a few less wiser women and more happy and whole families in the world."

  6. We have different opinions when the subject is all about love. Love has taught us so many things. It's good to know that many are happy that they've found the love of their life but it also saddens me to know that many are also suffering because of love turned sour. Whatever situation we are in love the most important is how we handle love and manage ourselves after.

  7. Everything fades, including love. However, it's the couple responsibility to let the shades shine that even fading is almost impossible. Love is hardwork. :)

  8. Love is a make or break phase and yes sometimes it becomes dark when we get hurt. That is how love works you have to see the dark to appreciate a much brighter future ahead of you.Staying in-love is a commitment and both parties included in the relationship should have mutual respect on each others individuality.

  9. Relationships are really complicated. We keep on looking yet when we found the one for us, some still chose to look for others that might give them what their partner lacks. I hope everyone could be the madly in love man because he seems to be so happy. And yes, in few years time, i hope everyone who just got married never forgets the feeling.

  10. Each love story is different but it ia true that sometimes we lose sight of what we once cherished. E and I have been together for 8 years and each time we fight I remind myself why I fell for him and why I love him.

  11. There is this line from a book I read which says that falling in love is easy and for everyone. Staying in love is what's tricky. I agree, men shouldn't forget the feeling. And women shouldn't forget to remind. And vice versa whoever needed the reminding. 😉

  12. This reminds me of a short film I watched online. Love is complicated. It really does. But when you practice love on how God showed us. It will be much different to how the world love. We all deserve to be loved. God bless.

  13. Can totally relate to this post. I would be the jaded yet realistic friend. Great post

  14. Love has a different meaning for each one of us. For me, love isn't about the good things; rather, it's those not so good things. If one accepts and loves the other despite of his/her flaws and shortcomings, then that is indeed love. But when it doesn't work out for the two, it doesn't mean they never loved each other at all. There was love but it was not enough to keep the relationship. I used to think women should do the extra effort in making sure that relationship works. But after my experience, I realized that if a man really wants me in their life, they would do the extra effort instead. I'd rather be happy alone than depend it on a man who can take it away from me easily.

    Louise | Tales & Escapades


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