Sunday, October 4, 2009

my childhood dream

photo taken at my elementary graduation

When I was young, I wanted to be a lot of things. I wanted to be a flight stewardess because I wanted to fly all over the world (this was dashed because I did not know how to swim.) I wanted to be a martial arts expert because they looked so cool doing those kung fu moves (this died because I am allergic to pain.) I wanted to be a circus performer, a chef, a beatuy queen, a model, an anthropologist and so many things. Obviously, none of it came true.
Most of all, I wanted to have a happy family. My idea of a happy family back then was to have both Mom and Dad in the same house, tending to my needs, cooking me great meals, and helping me with my homework. I thought that if I had those, I'd be happy.
I grew up and had a family of my own. It was anything but idealistic. My partner was nowhere near good but I stayed because I wanted that happy family. I needed to have that happy family.
Fast forward to now and I realized that though I am a single Mom and I at times struggle to support B, we ARE a happy family. We are happy because there is peace of mind. We are happy because I do not need to worry if I will be beaten, cheated on, or reprimanded for not being perfect. We are happy because we love each other and have the support of my family and people who truly care for us.
Did I get my childhood dream? To most, the answer would be no for there is no Mom and Dad in one house doing stuff together. For me, the answer is, FINALLY, yes. I did get my childhood dream. There were some tweakings but yes, we are one happy family.

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  1. Cute photo. When I was young, I wanted to play pro basket in the NBA. Too bad I'm short and can't jump.


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