Monday, March 19, 2007

some tips to save some cents

Since I am on a savings mood ... I have thought long and hard on how we can save on even a few money. I also know that every single one of you would want to save money so here are a few things that I have thought of to save money.

1) Use these plastic Ziplocks

2) you know those ketchup fillers (McDonalds) or sugar fillers at Starbucks, hoard. Lol! It would be great to put in the brown bags of yor kids that they take to school instead of buying ketchup and putting it in those plastic containers.

3) do not iron clothes when you're just about to wear them ... iron ALL clothes once a week to save on electricity ... and don't iron at night ...

Got any more tips? Lemme know!

B Stories

This is the B at North Park, a Chinese Resto. He loves the free soup that they give away to keep the natives from rioting since food takes long to cook. Lol!

Handsome lil big boy huh? I am such a proud Mommy. He was well behaved too except when he threw that glass he was holding into the soup and it went all over the place. Then he laughed like a banshee.

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