I am 30!

I am 30 ... the big 3 ... 0 ... finally, I reached this age. I didn't really think I would. Crazy right? But I never imagined myself being 30. It feels weird. It's like nothing has changed but I know that something has. I feel like I am still young but I also know that now there are some things I shouldn't do anymore because it won't look good for a woman who is 30 already.

Wow! A woman who is 30, that's me! It's funny ... I find it funny to hear myself saying it. A part of me wants to say "eh? 30? who? me? no way!" and at the same time I find myself saying "wow! you're 30! cool!"

So, as I do every year, here are 30 things that I have learned and things that I want to share now that I am 30.

1. I am a Mommy now. In every way possible, I am a Mom. Bugs use to freak me out but now, I can squash a teensy tiny one simply because I cannot accept that those critters might jump on my son.

2. I am a woman. I weep, I cry, I am crazy, impulsive, psyho, and charming. I am all these and more and I am what I am.

3. Accessories and some stuff do matter. When you are 30, there are some things that you should have in your closet. So now, I have found myself an original D&G sunlass, the perfect bag, the perfect booties that do not hurt at all, and some basic stuff in my closet. I can look put together in less than 5 minutes and that matters.

4. I am still very hot headed. I haven't lost my temper nor do I believe I will ever lose it. I can control it sometimes but at times, I simply let go.

5. I have 52 citymugs now. They are a fairly new collection that i have and I am very happy that most of my friends are very supportive of it. The collection will not have grown if not for them donating to me.

6. I have an unreasonable desire for pencils, pens, notebooks, and paper. I have an insane collection of it and will continue amassing them.

7. I am a better person now. I can be happy on my own and have learned not to depend my happiness on other people. My happiness stems from within.

8. I want to be a photographer, for real. I majored in photo back in college and now, I want to pursue it. DSLR D90, please be on my doorstep on Christmas eve.

9. It's not the size that matters, its the shape. I am a pear but I know how to work it. I think. Hahahahahaha.

10. Family should always come first, no matter what.

11. My brothers are starting to really know me. They took home from China a notebook and a pen for me. I so love it. My mom gave me accessories which I can use at work. My sister got me a purple cat. I love the fact that my family notices the things that I like.

12. I am learning how to be a better sister and daughter. Yey me!

13. I am a techie. Eventhough I do not want to admit it, but the first thing that comes to mind when asked for a gift is a laptop, an external hard drive, a DSLR, lens, lights, tripod, and iPod. So there you go, yes I am a techie.

14. I can watch a movie by myself. Yep, done it already and loved it.

15. I can also have a date with myself and be comfy and happy on my own.

16. I am still and will always be a bookworm at heart. Bookstores give me the shivers and make me giggle like a school girl. It will never change.

17. I am starting to like wearing high heels again. Hello 5 inch stilettos.

Okay ... that's all I can think of for now. LOL ... mwah! Night world. I am going to be 30 in a couple of minutes.

I am 30 and I am even more fabulous than I was at 20. =)

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  1. happy happy birthday Kay!!! happy for you and your achievements. good luck on your endeavors especially the photography part and Nikon D90...sana maging mabait talaga si Santa ngayong pasko hehe :)