28 years of blessings...

Today is the last day that I will be 28. For the past 28 years, life has been a telenovela for me. I've had my really high moments and I've had my really low moments. I've cried buckets of tears and been in situations I wish I never had to go through again. Most people who know my story says I should sell my life story to a soap opera because it resembles one.

Still ... for the last 28 years ... I want to list down 28 blessings that I am thankful for.

  1. I am still alive.
  2. I am healthy.
  3. I graduated from one of the most prestigious colleges.
  4. I still have a job in the middle of the global financial crisis.
  5. I have my family who supports me no matter what.
  6. I have few friends but they are real and accept me for all that I am.
  7. I am creative and talented (singer, dancer, stage actress, model, scrapbooker, accomplished cross stitch artist, collage maker, blogger.)
  8. I am a mother to a 4 year old wonderful boy.
  9. I am able to support my son on my own.
  10. I was able to survive my telenovela lilfe.
  11. I am still able to love with all my heart no matter how badly it was broken.
  12. I am faithful and loyal.
  13. I have great helpers in the house.
  14. I have a home.
  15. I am able to eat at least 3x a day.
  16. I have a good fashion sense when I want to be fashionable.
  17. I have a heart big enough to help less fortunate people.
  18. I still respect the elderly.
  19. I have a healthy dose of fear in me which allows me to be careful and to weigh things.
  20. I treasure moments that other people seem to not notice.
  21. I still stop to smell the roses.
  22. I still find happiness in plastic balloons, balloons, cotton candy, and flowers.
  23. I appreciate things that I have and treasure things given to me.
  24. I have a huge book collection.
  25. I still thirst for knowledge.
  26. I learned from my mistakes.
  27. I value GOD and believe in HIM.
  28. I am me.

Happy 28 years to me and here's to a more fabulous, happier, quieter, richer 29th year and more. =)

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