Monday, December 5, 2022

Singlife’s Cash for Income Loss (Accidents)

Accidents are one of the leading causes of death and disabilities for people in their prime in the Philippines. We all want to avoid being caught in an accident, but what if it happens? How are you going to deal with the financial implications when the income the family relied on is no longer there? 

Being a family’s income earner comes with great responsibility. While you work hard to provide food for your family, your family depends on you too. Unfortunately, accidents happen, so you need a plan to protect the ones most matter to you. To help income earners prepare for these situations, Singlife Philippines offers Cash for Income Loss (Accidents). For only a small monthly amount, you protect your family with monthly payouts for their living expenses for 36 months. The payouts are provided monthly to replace the income you would usually be earning. It allows the receivers sufficient time to bounce back financially after an accident and adjust their lives to the new reality. 

What makes Cash for Income loss (Accidents) unique is that it also covers accidents other insurance companies often don’t cover, such as those caused by extreme leisure sports. Cash for income loss (Accidents) gives you peace of mind to confidently pursue your big life goals, knowing that if an accident happens, you’ve got a backup plan. 

“One of the fears we have heard from our customers is how their loved ones will get by in case they are disabled or pass away. They have requested that we offer a budget-friendly solution that protects them against financial distress when a family’s income earner cannot earn an income due to disability or death resulting from accidents. With Cash for Income loss (Accidents) we do exactly that, as losing a loved one is hard enough. For many people, this will be a great starter product, and we invite them to see what Singlife has in store for them,” says Rien Hermans, CEO of Singlife Philippines.

Buying Cash for Income Loss (Accidents) is easy and fast. Customers can get protected for the price of a cup of coffee in just two minutes using their GCash app. Just estimate how much your family needs per month for living expenses, and in just a few clicks, you’ve financially protected them. 

Cash for Income Loss (Accidents) comes in three different plans to fit customers’ needs and budgets:

  • Gold: provides a total benefit amount of PHP 1,800,000 (36 times 50,000) for only PHP 299/month
  • Silver: provides a total benefit amount of PHP 1,080,000 (36 times 30,000) for only PHP 180/month
  • Bronze: provides a total benefit amount of PHP 720,000 (36 times 20,000) for only PHP 120/month

If a customer becomes disabled, they will get the monthly payouts to continue providing for their family - as if he/she were still working. If the customer passes away due to an accident, the family will receive the cash payouts to help ensure their financial needs are sustained.

 “If you have a family, there is now a very affordable way to ensure that in case an accident strikes that cause disability or death, you show your love by ensuring your family has a financial backup plan,” adds Hermans.

Cash for Income Loss (Accident) is available in GInsure on GCash. It’s accessible anytime and anywhere through your mobile device. Customers can purchase the product in less than 2 minutes, with zero paperwork to be filled out. Your policy document will be sent to your e-mail in minutes, and a copy will always be available in your Gcash app. 

To learn more about Singlife’s Cash for Income Loss (Accidents) go to GCash. 

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