Sunday, December 12, 2021

Shop at Pampers this 12.12 Big Christmas Sale

It's the Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale which means it's time to take advantage of so many promotions and one of them has to be Pampers. I am always on the lookout for this because Pampers has the XXXL diapers which fit my baby and this is one of the few diapers that can actually hold his pee since he is a heavy wetter. 

Also, there are the super cute Christmas boxes that they have available which is so hard to resist! Here are some of the ones that I actually like. 

[CHRISTMAS BOX] Pampers Baby Dry New Born (Up to 11 lbs) - 40 pcs x 2 pack (80pcs) - Taped Diapers

This is a LIMITED TRAVEL EDITION! Perfect for newborns up to 5kg or 11lbs. This is specially designed to protect newborn delicate skin. 

It has a breathable layer to let the hot air out and is made with light and breathable materials to let air flow through. It also has 2x stretch materials that gently hug the baby for just the right fit and prevent leaks. 

The best part, it has a wetness indicator ─ changes color from yellow to blue when the baby has peed. 

[Christmas Box] Pampers Baby Dry Pants XL 78s

This one is perfect for those whose baby weights 12-17kg or 26-37lbs. It has an easy-on and easy tear-off feature. Pampers Pants makes changing easy for active babies which admittedly is super hard for Moms. 

It also comes with magic gel channels that help to evenly distribute and lock away wetness to prevent bulk and sagging and an all-around stretchy waistband that moves with the baby for a customized fit and helps prevent leakage. 

[Christmas Box] Pampers Baby Dry Pants Medium 102s

This is perfect for babies with a weight capacity of 6-11kg or 13-24 lbs. 

The thinner and faster-absorbing diapers this has helped in preventing diapers to sag which can be uncomfortable for babies. It's also breathable and lets the hot air out coz it's made with light breathable materials to let air flow through and keep the baby comfortable. 

Best of all,  the diaper is shaped to gently hug the baby with just the right fit and prevent leaks. It even has baby lotion which acts as a protective barrier to soothe the baby’s skin. 

Take advantage of this promo by downloading the Shopee app if you still haven't and hoard now! 


  1. Wow laking tipid din po nito kaya add to cart na and very comfy din ang pampers for our kids 🥰

  2. Sulit na sulit, super protected pa si baby

  3. Yes na yes sa pampers comfort talagang affordable na super comfy pa gamitin.


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