Thursday, September 7, 2023

From Soil to Shelves, Basics and Organic’s Journey Towards Fruitful Advocacy

Basics and Organic had been conceptualized out of Fabris Philip Suarez's desire to manufacture homegrown organic or all-natural yet affordable products readily available for consumers who opt to live longer healthy and chemical-free. 

His desire came about because of his wife's health concerns. Fabris Philip Suarez had to go from place to place just to look for an alternative readily available in commercially manufactured products that have high levels of chemical additives as preservatives.

Fabris Philip Suarez and his wife found out that 90% of restaurants and high-end hotels are using commercial products to prepare cooked food. Same reason why Fabris Philip Suarez realized he needed to communicate with local farmers to produce fresh vegetables and farm-fresh meat that would cater to his family's needs. 

In the year 2020, the pandemic struck the entire world and people all across the globe. Fabris Philip Suarez was contacted by different farmers who asked for his help to distribute their produce in Metro Manila.

His actual experience created his desire to begin making more efforts to help our local farmers distribute their produce directly from farm to store to consumers. Fabris Philip Suarez's actual experience and communication with different farmers made him desire to create a direct distribution to help our farmers purchase their produce at a nominal value and encourage them to create a business venture out of their skills and abilities.

This is where Basics and Organic Co. Incorporated began its journey to work on its vision to strategize the best options for all farmers, directing them to work with the company. Giving our local farmers the option to be at peace and guarantee that their produce will be bought directly by Basics and Organic

Fabris Philip Suarez's vision is to create 200 Basics and Organic Stores with a mission to manufacture each and every farm produce to make healthy and affordable Basics and Organic products available across the nation and the globe.  

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