Friday, May 26, 2023

Team Kramer joins Richeese Wafer Sarap Every Moment Campaign

As the saying goes, family is everything, and this is true for Team Kramer who lives by the proverb, family will always come first.

Team Kramer, popular amongst their fans for having a tight-knit familial relationship, is now representing Richeese Wafer's new campaign, Sarap Every Moment.

The family’s light and fun interactions make them the perfect representation of what Richeese Wafer wants to communicate to the world— to enjoy every occasion, every experience, and every moment with your family.

Sarap Every Moment campaign aims to spark memories of the fun bonding moments each family has experienced together – even in the simplest of forms. Richeese wants to take you to a special memory with your loved ones, making you reminisce about a fond event in your life spent with them in every bite.

According to the country manager of Nabati—makers of Richeese Wafers, Dr. Jessie Singson, Jr., “This campaign is centered on forging deeper connections through family quality time fueled by indulging in the delicious array of Richeese Wafer snacks together.”

And for Team Kramer, accepting the offer as Richeese’s ambassador came easy as they “Love and support the campaign’s goals of Richeese in bringing families closer even especially nowadays that everyone’s time is mostly spent on ‘screens’.”

“One of the Filipino values that is known all over the world is our close family ties and Richeese wants to enliven this Filipino trait through its new campaign Sarap Every Moment. We are one with them in creating sarap moments with Filipino families while enjoying the goodness of Richeese Wafers,” Cheska shared.

Having humbly started in Indonesia, Richeese Wafer has now spread to other countries including the Philippines. They provide healthy and good quality food, earning them the title of being the Number 1 Bestselling Wafer in the World. Filipinos can now enjoy the seven different flavors of Richeese Wafers ranging from Richeese, Richoco, Richoco Milk Vanilla, Pink Lava, Richnuts, Coco Lava, and Richoco Cookies & Cream.

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