Monday, May 15, 2023

5 Reasons You Need to Be Good at Business Writing

Raise your game. The current global market requires you to hone your skills. An effective communicator, whether employed, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur, secures competitive opportunities in any field.

Writing skills are an asset, especially in business. 

The scope of written business communication is relatively broad. These include emails, letters, memos, reports, sales materials, meeting minutes, etc.

Depending on your ability, you can either accelerate or hinder your growth.

Why You Should Have Effective Business Writing Skills

1. Good writing skills result in effective business communication.

Correspondences connect a business to its customers and stakeholders. A well-written letter will ensure that its readers understand a subject. A poorly written message, on the other hand, may be misinterpreted.

2. It can help you establish your expertise and intelligence.

It’s critical to consider how you present yourself when writing. Others notice minor grammar and punctuation problems. Those who cannot write proficiently can be seen as less articulate than those who can. 

Don't be dismissed because of your weak writing skills. On the contrary, a flawless document speaks volumes about your knowledge and intelligence.

3. Good writers can be trusted.

People believe that effective communicators are trustworthy. It is simple to detect in the way they write.

Consider receiving an email loaded with mistakes. What impression does it give you about the sender? You either deem that the person lacks attention to detail.

4. Good writing skills allow you to keep a well-documented record. 

Spoken data is short-lived. Writing it down is the best way of keeping it secure. Historians documented their discoveries in chronicles which we can learn from until today.

5. Business writing fosters courtesy.

Formal communication shows the same amount of respect as real-time conversations. As a professional, consider formatting, tone, and etiquette when you write. 

Where You Can Learn Business Writing in the Philippines

Jonah Chipeco, Founder and Trainer at Writing Hacks Academy, delivers business writing public seminars and corporate training in the Philippines. As a marketing and communication practitioner for over a decade, her tips are experience-based and derived from her interactions with professionals she has taught.

To learn more about her business writing public workshop schedules, visit or follow their Facebook Page:

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