Thursday, December 22, 2022


The Philippines’ leading food company, NutriAsia, releases its film “A Touch of Christmas” to celebrate the sacrifices of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). 


The film features an OFW and a mother coming home in time for the holidays and struggling to reconnect with her estranged young son after a long time apart. This scenario is not far from real life as, according to the latest data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), over half of the OFW population, or 60.2%, are Filipina breadwinners, which inevitably includes mothers. 

Mels Timan, NutriAsia’s Content and Creatives Manager for Corporate Marketing and Communications, says, “This film is our homage to the courage and sacrifice of Filipino workers abroad who tirelessly strive to provide a better life for their loved ones.” 

The film also captures how only a lucky few of our OFWs can spend time with their families for the holidays and how important that time is. NutriAsia allows families to gather around great meals this yuletide season and share happiness. Timan says, “For over three decades, NutriAsia has been enriching the Filipino Noche Buena experience with its powerhouse of biggest and most iconic brands that turn meal occasions into Masarap, Masaya moments.” 

With distribution channels not just in the Philippines but also in other areas in the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, NutriAsia can deliver the promise of a Masarap, Masaya way of life, bringing a taste of home and the goodness of life to Filipinos here, and even to those living and working abroad, who, unfortunately, cannot come home in time for Noche Buena this year. 

“As the leading provider of Pinoy sauces... NutriAsia will continue to nourish local and global Pinoys with the deliciousness of the Filipino way of life today and for all the tomorrows to come,” Timan says. 

“We chose to adopt a global perspective in producing our well-loved condiments. There are more [than] 10 million Filipinos living abroad, and more than 1 million Filipinos leave the country each year to work overseas. No matter how far their various endeavors bring them away from the comforts of home, there are certain things you can never leave behind. Like our ubiquitous tabo, our Datu Puti, Silver Swan, Mang Tomas, and UFC Banana Catsup go wherever the Filipinos are”. 

For OFW parents, this season is an opportunity to reconnect with the flavors of home by sharing a delicious home-cooked meal with the family. Trusted and loved by Filipino families worldwide, NutriAsia produces great-tasting seasonings and condiments to level up cooking and meals. 

Food made with love and flavored with Filipinos’ favorite products from NutriAsia will bring the family together at the dinner table. Moms, dads, and other caregivers at home will spend hours in the kitchen for all the Noche Buena preparations, and they cannot wait to see the looks of satisfaction as the people they love taste their food. As we say in the film: “Love is worth the wait.”  

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