Monday, October 17, 2022

Benefits of Using PPR pipes in Drinking Water

A PPR pipe is a form of plastic pipe made from a material known as polypropylene random copolymer plastic. The material is similar to that used in manufacturing water supply materials for household purposes. Still, it can be used to provide hot and cold drinking water as well as for heating systems. So, is it a good investment, especially for drinking water? Let’s take a dive-down look at the benefits of PPR Pipes for drinking water and why it is safer.

First, PPR Pipes have a smooth inner surface. Compared to other traditional types of pipes, the PPR pipes have a very smooth inner wall or surface. Because of the smooth walls, the pipes only have a negligible effect on frictional resistance. Second, it has a long-term service; for over 50 years, the PPR piping system has been functional and still has a wide range of temperatures. Lastly, it is non-toxic, toxic chemicals that come from our water supply is a threat to our health, but pipes and fittings made from PPR are harmless raw materials. Thus, it will not carry toxic substances that will affect people's drinking water health. And it’s not only safe for our bodies, but it is also safe for the environment. 

Overall, PPR pipes are safer and have more advantages than metal pipes which is why PPR is suitable for our drinking water. After all, we want our family to be safe and healthy at the same time. If you are looking for a PPR piping system for your next project, you can visit Phildex Page and inquire today. Phildex is one of the leading suppliers of PPR Pipes and Fittings in the Philippines and is known for the quality and good service they offer to their customers. 

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