Monday, March 14, 2022

DITO Telecommunity Rolls-Out Auto Pay and Advance Pay

DITO Telecommunity rolls out Auto Pay and Advance Pay— breakthrough features that elevate the mobile subscriber experience. These new features are available only through the all-new DITO Level-Up Packs—an expanded and enhanced product lineup consisting of five simple, hassle-free, and best value offers with generous data, calls, and text.

Over the last year, DITO, the country’s newest telco player, has emerged to disrupt the duopoly in the local telecommunications market.  The launch of new breakthrough features Auto Pay and Advance Pay represent DITO’s latest innovations as it enters its second year of operations—the first of many more innovations to come.

According to DITO Chief Commercial Officer Evelyn Jimenez, the new features are DITO’s response to the ever-present need of Filipinos to have simple offers that give the best value for money, are hassle-free to acquire, and will elevate subscribers’ experience.

“We’re leveling up the customer experience by introducing new breakthrough features such as DITO Auto Pay and Advance Pay—a first in the Philippines’ mobile industry; and we’re excited to showcase all these to our DITOzens as we start our second year of operations in the country,” said Jimenez.

“More than ever, Filipinos are relying on online connections as an essential part of their lives, especially in these extraordinary times. DITO is aware of this need and is committed to making our products simple, hassle-free, and offer the best value for everyone, anytime.” Jimenez said.

Best Value for Money and Worry-Free Convenience

Subscribers can experience great value for their money and worry-free payment convenience with Auto Pay and Advance Pay.

With the new Advance Pay feature, DITO subscribers can receive and pay for their promo package 3 months, 6 months or 12 months in advance, giving full control of their promo spending and usage for several months at a time. This could translate to as much as 40% or Php 4,795 savings from their total package cost. You also get as much as 1,560GB of data for only Php 4.61 per GB, one of the lowest data rates in the market today.

With the new Auto Pay feature, on the other hand, DITO subscribers can automatically renew and pay for their chosen package every month without worry. When subscribers are about to reach their data cap or their package is about to expire, they will receive a notification to advise them that their package is being renewed. 

Subscribers can then enjoy uninterrupted web surfing, video streaming, and social media without crossing the data limit.  Further, customers can get as much as 10gb of bonus data every month when they avail of Auto Pay.

To learn about the full mechanics of DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advance Pay and how you could use them to score many discounts and bonus data, visit  

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