Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Why You Need to Switch to Bear Brand this 2022

When the New Year started, I vowed that I would learn to cook and create healthy dishes and drinks for my family. Then, we got hit with COVID and I was down for at least a week and in recovery for another. This made me realize that though I want to be able to make everything from scratch, I need help. Thankfully, Shopee is here for us out. 

My husband loves his Bear Brand Adult Plus Milk Poweder drink so I need to make sure that this upcoming sale that they will have, I'll be able to hoard. Instead of coffee, he has switched to drinking Bear Brand because it is healthier. After all, it helps with STRENGTHENING RESISTANCE with 100% Vitamin C, Iron, and Zinc to help fight sickness from Micronutrient Deficiency. 

This is super important because my husband is a frontliner and needs all the help he can get to make sure he does not get infected.  

Bear Brand also helps with FOCUS with more available Iron to help against Iron Deficiency and Anemia. Sometimes, he does not get enough sleep because of our baby being fussy at night. Since I work nights, we share the responsibility of taking care of our son. 

Lastly, it helps with PROPER GROWTH from adequate intake of Zinc and Calcium. What more can I ask for in a drink? 

Make sure to add to cart and be ready for Nestle's Exclusive Bear Brand Bundles on Shopee this January 28! Mine's already been added to cart, how about you? 

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