Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Uncomplicated Banking with Sterling Bank of Asia

Sterling Bank of Asia, one of the country's leading thrift banks, offers a more accessible and easy-to-maintain bank account through its Solo Savings Account.

As the Bank continues to enable its current customers to perform banking transactions from the comforts of their homes or offices, interested new customers can also enjoy the same services by opening their own Sterling Bank account through their website.

"We are extending our excellent service to those unbanked, especially during this time, by making it easier and safer for them to open and manage their accounts through our digital facilities,” said Mr. Cecilio San Pedro, Sterling Bank's President, and CEO. "Whether they choose to visit our branches or do it via our online channels, they can still experience unparalleled quality service from our team," San Pedro added.

Solo Savings account holders can access their funds, pay bills, and transfer money anywhere anytime. Aside from the opportunity to save while earning interest, they can also enjoy exclusive perks and privileges in over 30 million Visa-affiliated merchants worldwide and 45,000 BancNet-affiliated stores locally using their ShopNPay Visa Card.

Open your own Solo Savings Account now by clicking

For more information and updates about Sterling Bank of Asia, visit and download the Sterling Bank Online App to experience secure and convenient banking.


  1. This is something that we should consider.. it was made easier and safest!

  2. Sterling Bank of Asia is one of the trusted and great service provider when it comes to banking. Thank you for sharing this blog 😊

  3. Awesome. This is a nice way to save money. Solo savings account has a lot of perks. Highly recommended 💯

  4. Thank you for sharing this super help po talaga ito at tagang maasahan Ang SBA bank sa mga bagay na pag dating sa pag save Ng account 🥰👍


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